Transactions must be priced at least two days prior to settlement to receive standard pricing and, on an exception basis only, next day settlement transactions are assessed an additional fee. Freddie Mac does not offer same day settlement.

  • For Giant/Supers transaction fees, please contact Freddie Mac Single-class Issuance at [email protected].
  • Giant/Supers fees are also available in Dealer Direct.

If your Supers or Giant MBS collateral requires a 45-day to 55-day exchange, additional time is required to allow for the exchange settlement prior to the Supers or Giant MBS settlement. Please visit our Gold PC Exchange website for more details, including the following documents:

Collateral Data Delivery

Collateral data files for Giant/Supers must be transmitted using the Dealer Direct interface at least two business days prior to Giant/Supers settlement. Collateral files must conform to existing file format standards to ensure successful delivery.

For formation guidelines of Supers, Giant MBS, or Giant PC, please refer to the following documents:

Wiring Instructions

All collateral will be delivered to Freddie Mac’s ABA #021033205.

For 55-day Supers and Giant MBS:

  • Deliver Freddie Mac 55-day collateral to FHLMC WASH/2BD6

For 55-day Commingled Supers (issued by Freddie Mac):

  • Deliver Freddie Mac 55-day collateral to FHLMC WASH/2BD6
  • Deliver Fannie Mae 55-day collateral to FHLMC WASH/2BX1

For 45-day Fixed-rate and 75-day ARM Giants:

  • Deliver Freddie Mac collateral to FHLMC WASH/FMAC COLLATERAL


  • Underlying Giant/Supers collateral should be delivered free to Freddie Mac's account.
  • Giant/Supers will be wired to the recipient either for free or delivery versus payment if any applicable fees are charged.


Giant/Supers settlements may only occur beginning one business day after the factor release through the last business day of the month with the exception of two business days prior to the last business day of the month (REMIC collateral delivery day).


  • Final Giant/Supers disclosure is provided in the Daily Issuance Security Files the day after the Giant/Supers settlement date.
  • Final disclosure on Giant/Supers backed with same month settlement MultiLender pools is available two days before Guarantor Month End.