Freddie Mac's Office of the Registrar is responsible for issuing, trading, replacing, and collecting matured REMIC and structured passthrough certificates.

Regarding new settlements, the residual and callable security certificates are issued by Freddie Mac and are available for pick-up by owners on settlement date at the following address:

Bank of New York
1st Floor, Pickup and Receiving Window
101 Barclay Street
New York, NY 10007

For outstanding security certificates issued by Freddie Mac, the following related functions are performed by the Office of the Registrar.

If you need additional information, please e-mail [email protected].

Certificate Trades: Re-registration of Ownership

To re-register a Certificate in the new holder's name incident to a trade, Freddie Mac must receive:

  • The actual Security Certificate
  • An assignment of the Certificate to the new owner executed by the transferor. The assignment may be made on the reverse side of the Certificate or on a separate Bond Power.
  • A guarantee of the assignor's signature. Any person or entity eligible to certify on guarantee signatures under U.S. Treasury Regulations (set forth under 31 CFR 306.40) qualifies for this purpose. Typically, an institutional signature guarantee from an entity participating in a Signature Guarantee Program such as the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP) will qualify.
  • Information including: the precise name of the new holder in which registration is to be made; Certificate delivery instructions, including address and contact name and phone number; payment instructions, including address where payments are to be sent and a contact name and phone number (see the enclosed Information Form).
  • Tax Withholding Forms: W-9s for domestic holders (complete Parts I, II, and III), and W-8s for foreign holders.
  • A Residual Transferee Letter (letter included in package) applicable to Residual Class REMIC securities only.  Please note that the Residual Transferee Letter must be filled out in full and submitted in the precise language stated in the letter.

All the above information should be sent by completing and mailing the standard Information Form. All the above documents must be sent to:

Freddie Mac
Office of the Registrar
1551 Park Run Drive, MS D5P
McLean, VA 22102

In order to stop transfer for a request already sent, a request must be submitted in writing by completing the Stop Transfer Form and mailing it to Freddie Mac. Re-registered certificates will be processed within 48 hours and sent via overnight mail with shipment at the risk of the holder. An incomplete trade package will be returned if all information is not received within 10 business days.

Surrender of Certificates at Maturity or Redemption

Freddie Mac will send letters to the holder(s) whose security has matured. Please mail the security to:

Freddie Mac
Office of the Registrar
1551 Park Run Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102

Certificate Replacements

Below are the guidelines required by Freddie Mac when completing a Bond of Indemnity for the replacement of a Freddie Mac certificate.

  • The bond must be the original
  • The signatures must be originals
  • The obligees must be the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac)
  • The bond must be an open-ended bond (ie. no limit on the dollar amount of indemnification in relation to the face amount of the certificate).
  • The bond must have complete and accurate description of the certificate.  This includes the type, face amount, CUSIP number, coupon rate, pool number or series maturity date.
  • A Notary Public must acknowledge the signature on the bond and sign and date the bond with a valid stamp or seal.
  • A Xerox copy of Power of Attorney from the insurance company is required which indicates that the person who executed the bond is in fact authorized to do so.

To replace a security that is lost, stolen, destroyed, mutilated or defaced, Freddie Mac must receive the following:

Upon receipt and approval of the Affidavit of Loss and Bond of Indemnity, Freddie Mac will re-issue the certificate(s) to the holder. If the documents are not fully acceptable, Freddie Mac will identify the basis for denial or steps required to complete replacement.

Change of Payment or Tax Address

To update a payment or tax address, Freddie Mac must receive the request in writing on the company letter head with an authorized signature. Please mail the request to:

Freddie Mac
Office of the Registrar
1551 Park Run Drive, MS D5P
McLean, VA 22102