Dealer Direct® is a web application available to authorized Giant/Supers and REMIC dealers to efficiently:

Access Dealer Direct

You will be required to establish answers to 5 security questions the first time you log in so that you can reset a forgotten password using the links on the login page. If you still have an issue, please send your user name for further assistance.

Log In

Please contact us if you need additional information about the system.

  • Request new Giant/Supers trades and get pricing, CUSIP and pool information
  • Modify Giant/Supers details including settlement dates and anticipated par amounts
  • Upload collateral lists and receive validation results
  • Upload REMIC structure files to receive results of automated validations, including notification of acceptance, list of exceptions, collateral lists and the dealer delivery checklist

Dealer Direct is also used to exchange Freddie Mac Gold PCs (45-day) for the new Freddie Mac MBS (55-day non-TBA) and UMBS (55-day TBA, Single Security).

Getting Started

View the brief “Getting Started” video tutorial here.  It walks through the details of the setup steps:

  • Choose an authorized representative who will:
    • Sign the User Agreement
    • Gather user details and determine roles
    • For initial setup, or to add/modify/delete a user, fill out the Authorized User Setup/Change form here.
  • Authorized representative will receive the user names to distribute to the users
  • Users will receive their temporary password directly and must log in within 10 days to set up their security profile questions and update their password
  • Users should review the appropriate tutorial videos on the “Support” tab of Dealer Direct:
    • Creating and Modifying a Giant/Supers
    • Uploading Collateral to a Giant/Supers
    • Validating REMIC Structure Files