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Clarity Data Intelligence®

Freddie Mac has historically been providing a vast amount of data to the market. As an ongoing effort to provide a greater level of transparency and relevant content to market participants, Clarity Data Intelligence® (Clarity) was introduced in 2019. Beginning in 2Q 2023, this tool serves as a centralized hub for Credit Risk Transfer (CRT) and Mortgage Securities (MBS) to make our data more accessible through various easy-to-use data intelligence tools and dashboards, including the functionality to download deal and loan level data, as well as analytics surrounding mortgage-backed securities.

Login to Clarity to view CRT and MBS dashboards, and download CRT issuance and monthly loan-level disclosures and supplemental information. Access MBS Disclosure data & reports by logging into MBS Securities.

Clarity Dashboard

Access dashboards and data intelligence tools for Single-Family CRT and MBS.


CRT and MBS Data

Download CRT or MBS issuance and monthly disclosures and/or supplemental information.

Access CRT  Access MBS

Product Functionalities

Clarity is regularly being assessed and enhanced based on investor feedback and market conditions.
Currently, the functionalities include:

STACR icon

CRT transaction dashboards for STACR and ACIS

  • Credit profile stratification across Reference Pools or various cohorts
  • Snapshot and historical performance trends, including disaster event comparison and loss mitigation transition
  • Deal trigger and structure information
  • CRT investor participation distribution

STACR icon

Single-family loan-level historical dataset dashboards

  • Credit profile stratification by origination vintages
  • Performance analysis across origination vintages and various cohorts

STACR icon

MBS Data Intelligence

  • Daily Prepayment Report - Cumulative Daily Voluntary Payoffs by Cohort
  • Affordable and Green MBS Issuance Volume
  • Structured Transaction Issuance Reports
  • Seller-Level Loan Characteristics and Prepayment Reports

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System Maintenance Schedule

Please be advised that Freddie Mac performs regular system maintenance outside of normal business hours in the following windows:

Friday 8pm to Saturday 12pm EST
Saturday 11pm to Sunday 11am EST