Reference Notes® securities are one of Freddie Mac's term debt products, offering investors fixed-rate debt from two through ten years.

Freddie Mac’s 2023 funding calendar and 2024 funding calendar provides optional announcement dates for Reference Notes securities offerings. On the optional Reference Notes announcement date, Freddie Mac will announce whether a Reference Notes security will be issued in that month. If a Reference Notes security will be issued, the offering announcement will include relevant transaction information.

Freddie Mac may use a combination of web-based auctions and dealer syndicates for Reference Notes new issues and re-openings.

Requests for Separate Bidder Identification

Key Program Features

Initial issuesFor maturities of 2 - 10 years. No minimum size.
ReopeningsFor maturities of 2 - 10 years. No minimum size.
Maturities2-, 3-, 5-, 10- year maturities. Longer dated maturities according to market conditions with advance notice.
RatingsView our current credit ratings.
Dealer groupFind an approved dealer.
Clearing and settlementFedwire, Euroclear and Clearstream
Minimum denominations$2,000 or greater, in increments of $1,000
RedemptionAt par on maturity date. Not redeemable.
Day count convention30/360
Interest payment frequencySemiannually
DocumentationGlobal Debt Facility
Governing lawNew York


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