2024 STACR®(Structured Agency Credit Risk) Issuance Calendar

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Q1 24Q2 24Q3 24Q4 24
1-2 New Issue1-2 New Issue1-2 New Issue1-2 New Issue
3-4 Tender Offers

Freddie Mac retains sole discretion over whether or not the issuances come to market and the timing thereof, which may be impacted by market conditions. As such, the information contained in this calendar does not guarantee the timing of any future Freddie Mac offerings or the type of such offerings, or the amount of such offerings. Freddie Mac may, pending market conditions, bring additional off-the-run deals to market. This calendar may be amended, superseded, or replaced. Please use this issuance calendar for informational purposes only. This calendar is not an offer to sell any Freddie Mac securities.