For Fixed-Severity transactions listed below, mortgage loans with COVID-19 payment forbearance shall be treated as a natural disaster and enter an 18-month grace period.  This count down will cease the earlier of i) when the loan becomes current or is modified or liquidated and ii) the 18-month grace period ends.

List of impacted transactions:

2014-DN3 2015-2
2014-DN4 2015-3
2014-HQ2 2015-1
2015-DN1 2015-4
2015-HQ1 2015-5

For your reference below is the specific language included in the "Credit Event" defined term of STACR fixed severity transactions starting with STACR 2014-DN3.

"Freddie Mac will not, for a period of 18 months, declare a Credit Event based on a delinquency of 180-days or more with respect to any Reference Obligation that is affected by a natural disaster. Such 18-month period will commence the month the applicable servicer begins reporting to Freddie Mac that such Reference Obligation was affected by a natural disaster. Upon the expiration of such 18-month period, any Reference Obligation that is 180 days or more delinquent will immediately become a Credit Event Reference Obligation."