New Clarity Enhancements in the July 21, 2023 Release


CRT Cumulative Loss Drop-downs

The CRT Cumulative Loss dashboard now has drop-down functionality so that users can look at losses by loan characteristics such as OLTV, FICO, and Loan Purpose.

Loss Mitigation

CRT Additional Drop-down Options

Series Year, MI Cancel and MI Type are now available as drop-down options on the Single Variable, Dual Variable, Delinquency, Cumulative Loss, Cumulative Performance, and Charts dashboards.

Dual Variable Satisfaction

CRT Charts: Modification Volume

Modification has been added as a new option on the CRT Charts Loss Mitigation dashboard to show Modification volume over time.

Loss Mitigation graph


The “Loan Level Download” page has been renamed to “CRT Data Download” in preparation for offering Annex 12 files in the future.