McLEAN, Va. - Freddie Mac (OTCQB: FMCC) today published on its website the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) 2022 filing year designations for certain STACR REMIC Trust, STACR Trust, and STACR Debt Notes. NAIC Designations for year-end 2022 are available on our website in one single file.

Overall, of the 199 reviewed STACR Notes, 159 (or 79.89%) have achieved NAIC 1 Designation, 34 (or 17.08%) have achieved NAIC 2 Designation, and 6 (or 3.01%) have achieved NAIC 3 Designation. It should be noted that 19 STACR Notes achieved NAIC Designation upgrades relative to their 2021 year-end NAIC Designations. Below table details the upgrades:

CUSIP Deal Name 2021 Year-end NAIC Desianation 2022 Year-end NAIC Desianation
35564KCW7 STACR 2021-DNA2 M2B 2 1
35564KEL9 STACR 2021-DNA3 M2 2 1
35564KEF2 STACR 2021-DNA3 M2B 2 1
35564KHE2 STACR 2021-DNA5 M2 2 1
35564KKY4 STACR 2021-DNA6 M2 2 1
35564KBL2 STACR 2021-HQA1 M2A 2 1
35564KGZ6 STACR 2021-DNA5 M2B 3 1
35564KBS7 STACR 2021-HQA1 M2 3 1
35564KBM0 STACR 2021-HQA1 M2B 3 1
35564KFV6 STACR 2021-HQA2 M2 3 1
35564KFP9 STACR 2021-HQA2 M2A 3 1
35564KFQ7 STACR 2021-HQA2 M2B 4 1
35564KKT5 STACR 2021-DNA6 M2B 3 2
35564KMH9 STACR 2021-DNA7 M2 3 2
35564KMH9 STACR 2021-DNA7 M2 3 2
35564KMC0 STACR 2021-D NA7 M2B 3 2
35564KJJ9 STACR 2021-HQA3 M2B 3 2
35564KNS4 STACR 2021-HQA4 M2 3 2
35564KNL9 STACR 2021-HQA4 M2A 3 2
35564KNM7 STACR 2021-HQA4 M2B 4 3

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Freddie Mac’s Investment & Capital Markets Credit Risk Transfer (CRT) programs transfer credit risk away from U.S. taxpayers to global private capital via securities and (re)insurance policies, providing stability, liquidity and affordability to the U.S. housing market. The GSE Single-Family CRT market was founded when Freddie Mac issued the first STACR® (Structured Agency Credit Risk) notes in July 2013. In November 2013, ACIS® (Agency Credit Insurance Structure®) was introduced. Today, the industry-leading and award-winning programs attract institutional investors and (re)insurance companies worldwide. For specific STACR and ACIS transaction data, visit Clarity Data Intelligence℠.

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